Wanted: Developer

I want to get some software developed for me. As you know, my business is very very small, and I don’t have any full-time staff for it needs. Many people of criticize me for this decision, but I really don’t think it’s necessary. You see, when I need to software, or any sort of computer programming or engineering, I tap into the vast Outsourcing Market that exist within the country and internationally. Obviously, there are a lot of benefits that come with working with a domestic Outsource better. The time zone is more or less the same comma maximum two or three hours difference, and the language spoke is also the same. I think that is basically Priceless, except it’s not Priceless…. There is a price on working with domestic vendors. You’re not necessarily for the convenience, you’re paying because they exist within the same economy where the dollar is worth the same amount. Where is, if you are going to do offshore software development Outsourcing, rate of pay is going to be much cheaper. That’s because they’re dollar, and most of these countries, is significantly lower than ours. Which means that we can pay what we would pay for a mediocre American, we will get an absolutely, undoubtedly more skilled worker in a country like India or China. Now, as I mentioned, there are some inconveniences including time zone and language when you decide to do offshore Outsourcing, which have been enough to have me choosing domestic software development outsourcing options more often than not. I have a few good ones in mind, and I know that I’ll always choose one of the ones that is work for me in the past, but that goes for offshore as well as domestic. There are just some job that are easier done and worth paying the extra cost for.

Excellent scooter experience

Driving one of the scooters made by UNU is an excellent experience. The drive is completely electric. This means that not even a little bit of pollution and turns your city, your lungs, or the world global environment. This is very important, too many of us, and it is to UNU as well. The engine is actually integrated in the back wheel, it’s a very simple contraption that requires very little maintenance and is easy to understand. This electric engine is significantly cleaner than any gas engine, and it works like a charm. Very smoothly and very effectively, and mostly very simply. This thing drives about 45 km/h, which is perfect for City driving. No, it’s not perfect outside of the city, but this particular electric scooter is definitely an ideal city vehicle. One of the coolest things about UNU is that you choose how you want your scooter, and then they make it for you. Rather than buying it off, and having it modified, you say which colors you want which design you want, and which engine you want. The engines all max out around 45 kilometers an hour, however you can choose an engine that will get to that limit of 45 with different amounts of time, effort, and acceleration. Scooter, in general, emphasizes efficiency in every way. The energy that is expended when you break is recycled by the engine, which makes this and even more efficient device, and it is made from very lightweight materials. There is very little about the scooter that doesn’t scream efficiency. Which is a wonderful thing to scream, especially in a day and age where so many issues are being caused by an over-reliance on fossil fuels.

Livart LV-982 Electric Barbecue Grill Review

Livart LV-982 Electric Barbecue Grill Review

Top electric grills are a bit of an oddity to begin with, in my opinion. Personally, I will prefer to use gas and charcoal every day of the week, but if you’re interested in the whole electric-grill scene, this is about as unique of a barbecue as you’re going to find. Also, I will say, the taste of char comes through a lot more on this grill than on other electric grills I’ve had– it’s not quite the real thing, but it’s closer than I’ve had from other grills. This char-grilled flavor is definitely a hugely positive feature that separates this from other electric grills. This grill functions well indoors or outdoors, but will always depend on being placed upon a surface due to its small size.

Oddly, this grill is apparently fantastic for “Yakitori” style food, and is a favorite for those grillers who love making Japanese and Korean food. Though that seems to be a pretty specific niche, it is certainly worth noting. This isn’t to say it’s not a good grill for American barbecue standards as well, as it cooks steak and burgers as well as most of its competitors in the electric grill market– it just can’t necessarily cook very many at once. The space is smaller than many other grills, and won’t cook more than 2-3 burgers or steaks at a time.

Focusing on the positives, portable might be an understatement for this offering by Livart, which is only 6 pounds in weight and takes up no more than 15.4 x 8.3 x 5.1 inches of space. With this in mind, this is clearly not a very large grill, and is best suited for couples and small families, unless you’re willing to grill up several rounds of product. The stainless steel grill grate is easily removable and easy to clean, and all fat burned off of meat is caught in a trap on the bottom, which is also low maintenance.

It is easy to clean, assemble, use, and understand. Although it is small, quaint, bright, and strange, it is definitely a well built contraption and it is quite impressively effective and functional.

If you are only ever planning to grill for a maximum of 3 people, or if you are fine staying on grill duties for a couple rounds, you could do a lot worse than this electric grill– especially considering the reasonable price. If you know what you’re getting into sizewise, and are still intrigued by the grill, I would definitely recommend it.

Design verlichting techniques

The presence of light is poorly noticed only when there is a perceived lack of it that is a dim atmosphere or shadow or an excess of glare. The use of light is called lighting; it is not only the way of delivering the lighting system, but also the equipment places the light to give a color and intensity.

The following are the various technique used in design verlichting and the combination or layering of the light in space to create different effect within the lighting composition


  • Task lighting: this provides enough illumination level for the users to do visual tasks. The lighting should be the fashion in a way to provide sufficient light level for the users when performing at the desired degree of speed, accuracy, and safety. There must be accounting for all light loss factors that cause depletion in the light level. Tasking lighting is part of ambient illumination layer. An ambient lighting is also called general lighting, which is given by ceiling-mounted lighting equipment and give the first light which is sufficient enough for the job orientation.


  1. Accent light: this is used to highlight key objects, displays, artworks, and outstanding architectural features, this makes the area brighter than the natural surroundings. The eye is always attracted to the point of brightness in the field of view; the focal location can be generated. When an object is an accented format, the object will be highlighted only and to avoid lighting spill on the environment, which helps to reduce the contrast needed. Framing is the type of accent design verlichting, which involves the surface mounted framing projector with a moveable shutter, which ensures precise focus. For instance, a wall that has a painting on it. The result is exceedingly dramatic; the art becomes much lighter, and the surrounding becomes dark, which gives a high contrast and apparent interest.
  2. Downlighting: this allows the placement of the light on the objects or the surface directly below the lighting fixtures. Downlighting is used in making a space looks smaller and closer. Downlight does not need an aligned arrangement, but it just needs proper organization, and it should be pleasing to the eye.
  3. Uplighting: this is the placement of an object directly above the light fixtures which aims in an upward alignment. The effect produced by this technique can either be desirable or undesirable by it is very usual. Uplighting with a candlestick can create the intimacy in a restaurant. This method can be used to showcase architectural surfaces.

Business Attire for every occasion that you are styling for

Have you been searching for decent models of watch for yourself? Yet you are in a dilemma which one to buy? Then here is the right suggestion that can guide you with best designs and collections that will go with any of your style and occasions. Now which watch has been talked of here? This is the Daniel Wellington. Well, there are many reviews out there, like this Daniel Wellington watch review, but let me tell you, it’s a great watch. Over the years after huge thoughts and ideas, this model has been designed especially for easy and excellent styling by people.

What makes the design so popular?

After the years of thoughts and ideas, Daniel decided to provide people with this model of watch that can easily go with any of the styles. The strap of this Daniel watch come in varied colours and styles and can be replaced whenever they wear out or are not in style. Unlike another watch this model of design can easily fit in your style when you are out on a beach, playing, etc. Usually, the NATO straps and leather straps are added to this model of watch.

Why is a NATO strap added?

NATO straps come in a varied combination of colours that can even be replaced. This strap has been widely used in the early 70’s. Each of straps being used says something different about a watch that you are going to purchase. Though this model straps can be interchangeable thus, it allows you to choose your preferred style whenever you wish to and get a dashing look with your style. This type of feature cannot be found elsewhere, so it’s great to purchase them at an affordable rate.

Leather strap for buyers:

Other than from NATO this Daniel watch also comes with leather straps. Now is this leather strap similar to other leather straps, then probably not they are a bit different. In fact, this leather strap can also be interchangeable similar to NATO straps and add a style to your look. The leather being used is genuine but yet in available in varied shades of black and brown. This depends on upon you which one you are choosing. With this leather strap, you get a silver or gold brace palate.

How to get your strap changed?

All of these watches are interchangeable and thus can be swapped whenever you wish to. This model comprises of assortments that can allow you to change strap as per your style and mood. With this NATO and leather strap, a special timepiece, possibly from Norsejord is served which serves your weekday. Thus you just need to change it by simply unlocking it and then fitting the other strap which you would prefer to.

Can your wristband be washed?

  • Washing the wristband may, unfortunately, make them dry, and thus this will damage your wristband.
  • For leather wristband, you can choose a cleaning product for cleaning them. This can be got from the local retailers.
  • In the case of NATO wristband simply wash them with lukewarm water and soap for a gentle cleaning purpose. This will make your Daniel Wellington watches long lasting.


Important tips on Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Innovative, strategic and correctly implemented real estate marketing ideas have given agents an edge over all competitors in the business.

There are three major divisions that we’ve split major areas into. Let’s look into some of the people marketing tips in marketing for real estate agents:

  • Fundamentals:

Basic requirements for kick starting your business venture.

  • Advanced: 

It’s for agents who are already established properly and are in search of taking their marketing venture to next level.

  • Innovative: 

It’s for savvy agents who are in urgent need of breaking mold with new concepts of marketing for real estate agents. 

  1. Personal branding


Develop strong real estate agent document for your web page and hire a professional photographer who can provide effective tips on positioning. Properly define the audience your brand identity as well as marketing plans. Develop a value proportion and devise a proper schedule for regular updates.


Print some swag along with branding. Send regular request for clients to review your services. Try to attend local meetings with small scale groups and various organizations.


Ask testimonials from your past clients who have proved faithful to your business venture and helped you flourish. Create custom graphics and unique signatures.

  1. Website and blogs


Create an innovative website that will have multiple search options. Secure keyword-rich domains for your residing area. Don’t forget to add your contact details on every pages on your website. Try setting up lead captures forms for lead gen on your website.


Update your blogs on a regular interval and change the contents every time. Try to add freshness by adding humor and classy catchphrases to keep your clients hooked to your website. These guys would know how to properly teach you about investing in real estate.


Try to add original art work for your brand which will make your blog a standout among the rest. Try to setup dedicated landing webpages as a major piece of event and content.

  1. Nurturing with clients and following various leads


Try to catch up with your leads as often as possible. Send regular information to your leads informing them about your market and listings. Try and develop target customer personas in marketing for real estate agents. 


Maintain a link between emails and text messages for lead capture forms. Take help of prerecorded messages and streamline communications. Share event calendar and even apps to simplify your listings.


Send personalized gifts to clients after sale and develop a strong referral; system. Don’t forget to check in with your leads after a month or year after moving in.

4 Ways to Use Bluetooth Beacons in Your Business

Bluetooth Beacons are amazing devices which are getting a lot of media attention lately. These are being promoted as one of the must-have instruments which can have a major impact on businesses. Only this year, around 4 billion USD worth of retail sales are projected to be impacted by beacons alone. This number is expected to only grow 10 times by the coming year. All of these devices come with low energy Bluetooth compatible antennas which send out and receive packets of data. Find out 4 ways you can use them in your business.

  1. Use them to get customer insights

You can use beacons to get insights into customer behavior and habits. For instance, these can help you to know how long consumers generally spend time in your store, the amount of time they spend on specific products etc. You can use the information for retargeting. When you know that your consumers spend a lot of time in your store as opposed to some other store and focus more on specific products, you can retarget them across your business app or any particular ad network.

  1. Use them to understand preferred product groupings

You may also use beacons to understand the preferred product groupings of your customers, their interests and shopping habits, what they typically do in your shop and the type of shopping patterns that they have. You can use these details to create a business strategy and incorporate them into your own business for decision making in the future.

  1. Use them to help customers

Customer support is also easier with Bluetooth low energy beacons. You can use them at opportune moments to ask whether they need some help, would like to place an order on your store, like to have a personal shopper sent off to their location or an updated priority boarding to be able to avoid the queue.

  1. Deliver up-sells and cross sells

Beacons can also be used for delivering up-sells and cross sells within the app. Once you use customer shopping behavior and activities, you have to ensure that the information is properly segmented so that customers are offered information and coupons on items that they have a real interest in. You can use them for developing segmentation in the business server database or purchase a mobile marketing platform which allows real time segmentation on the basis of transactions, customer behavior and interests and prior purchases.

5 Timeless Strategies of Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Guest Post by Burnaby real estate agent, Eddie Yan.

Any real estate agent thrives on contact with people, and a solid marketing strategy can put him in touch with hundreds of individuals eager to buy or sell properties. Sales might be so good, you can buy yourself a Daniel Wellington watch. You should never rely on only one marketing strategy to do the trick. Instead, you should ideally concentrate on combining a number of strategies to use in your own campaign. Following are 5 timeless strategies which can be very successful for your business and do what you are exactly looking for – more money in your pocket.

Search engine optimization

With a major chunk of buyer population having moved online, it is important for your website and social pages to rank in search engine results more than ever before. With good SEO, you can integrate the best keywords into your social business profile pages, blogs and websites and get them noticed by search engine spiders. This will ultimately earn you huge business. We personally went with a Vancouver SEO consultant, and never turned back.

Email marketing

If you think it has become redundant, think again. A 2015 study by Silverpop, an IBM company, has shown that email marketing is reaping huge dividends for real estate, construction and building industry. Almost half of all emails used in marketing campaigns are opened on tablets and smartphones, which is 500% more than what it used to be in 2011.

Press releases

With regular press releases on real estate topics, you can establish yourself as an expert in the domain and get targeted traffic with link-backs to your website or social pages. These can also catch the attention of the local media, which can be very advantageous from your end. You can give interviews as an industry expert and get a larger exposure. With many other real estate websites and blogs referring to your press releases, you can get your visibility multiplied easily.

Social Media Marketing

With the profusion of social media websites, it goes without saying that you should concentrate on social media marketing strategies. While posting text, videos and images, remember to include your site address at all times. This is one of the most powerful strategies in online marketing. The more you target your leads, the higher the number of responses that you can get.

Pay per click

This is not generally recommended due to the complexity and expenses involved. But if done right, pay per click advertising can quickly generate leads for your business. You can optimize your advertisements according to changes in search patterns on Google, Bing and other engines and get great ROI.


5 Advantages Of Real Estate Investments In Canada

Real Estate investments have the prospects of making three times more money than even the most well paying investments like stock market. There are several practical advantages of investing in real estate today.

Here are the top five advantages of real estate investments that West Vancouver real estate agents state.

It Is A Low Risk Investment

Real estate is a low risk investment because you cannot lose it. Unlike other investments where a loss would mean that you lose money for ever, real estate is stable in a way that properties do not vanish. The pricing may go up or down depending on market trends but there is always a window that allows you to earn money. All this provided you keep basics like mortgage rate, area population density and market position besides other deciding factors in view.


High Ratio Financing

The high ratio financing in Canada allows you to buy a property worth thousands of dollars in just the ten per cent of the price. The rest 90 per cent can be easily financed. In certain situations the whole 100 per cent can be financed from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Therefore, anyone can make a real estate investment in Canada with a capital as low as $10000 to $17000. This absence of any huge capital requirement makes real estate investments practical for everyone.


Quick Returns

Real estate investments are fast profit earners. If you time your deals well after gauging the market situation well, you can buy a property, maintain it or renovate it and then sell it off within three months. All of this while earning a huge margin. Very few lines of work allow such quick turnaround of financial gains.

It Always Improves Your Skills

In real estate, there is no such thing as blockage of ideas. With time and deals you will only improve your skills. You will never be found in a stage where your talent has dried out and you are no longer making constructive contributions.

You Earn Equity On Your Investment

In real estate, equity is earned gradually as an investor pays his or her mortgage. This is basically the money on which you have no debt. By the time you sell the property, you will have made more money than the price of the house plus your mortgage and the money you spent on its maintenance.


These are few reasons that make real estate such a lucrative investment market even for the amateur investor.





Money Making in Real Estate in Vancouver

There’s substantial cash to be made in the real estate of Vancouver and other cities. Seven out of ten Canadian millionaires have reached that position through well planned and executed real estate investments. You can also make this kind of money by following proven methods to profit from the real estate market. There are several seminars that offer insight and objective advice on real estate and the potential investments in it. These workshops are aimed to provide ample knowledge and information about ways to increase your wealth by investing efficiently in the real estate business.

You’ll get to understand how the real estate market operates and establish an investment strategy accordingly to fit your goals and aims. You’ll be able to improve your decision-making abilities to make informed decisions that’ll let you select the right property at the right location. By attending these seminars and workshops, you’ll be able to learn all about the investment options offered by real estate and all the financial formulas to apply.

The seminars also focus on teaching how to conduct research in the real estate business to find targets and helpful facts or stats. You’ll be able to understand all the creative financing options available to you. Insight into investing in condos or other recreational properties and tips on negotiating deals is also provided. These seminars also focus on guiding participants in developing a financing and purchase strategy and how to protect their investments when investing with other partners.

It is also important to select the right professional to take care of your needs such as a tax accountant, mortgage broker, insurance broker, lawyer, home inspector, and realtor. In short, these seminars are a great way to learn and understand the game of money making in the real estate business.