Methods Of Promoting Your App

Methods Of Promoting Your App

Incredibly, records show that there are more than 2.2 million apps as of January 2017. Not to mention that Google play store has more than 2.5 million Apps. For you to challenge such big numbers of apps, you need to be an expert in app marketing. More to that, your app must have different unique qualities. In that case, you must learn important ways of promoting your app so that you can reach your target audience with ease.

  • Use of social media

You can use your social media to promote your app. For example, it is possible to reach your audience through social-paid or organic.

  • Organic; Organic promotion through the social media entails possessing a presence, for instance, Twitter, Instagram as well as facebook. Simply create accounts after which you can follow people that are within your industry and your target audience. However, you should never over promote your app.
  • Paid; you should at least spend some money for your app promotion. That will enhance your discoverability and attract a large number of customers to your app.
  • Create a website

Ensure that you have created a website for your app. The app should be highly featured in your site particularly for the enterprise brand. Having a website for your app will convince people that the app is legal and effective and that is the reason why you have totally invested in it.

  • Use Traditional advertising

You can use the traditional product launch strategy on your product. For instance, a retail brand who has a physical location can advertise their app throughout their store. You can even run a promotion and users will download it.

  • Search Ads

Apple introduced the search Ads upon the launch of iOS 10. This is primarily paid advertisement in the App store. As a matter of fact, you can bid for important keywords so that your app may appear first anytime a user searches for apps using specific terms.

  • Public Relations

Of course, there is nothing like bad press. Media, as well as influencer mentions, have a great impact on the creation of buzz plus credibility. There multiple ways of doing so. You can consider some of these;

  • Guest blogging
  • Conducting interviews with tech bloggers as well as local newspapers
  • You can throw a launch party and ensure the tech industry and local media are in the party
  • Press release

Finally, it is now or never! Take your app marketing to the next level and you will confirm that app promotion carries the all the magic.