4 Ways to Use Bluetooth Beacons in Your Business

Bluetooth Beacons are amazing devices which are getting a lot of media attention lately. These are being promoted as one of the must-have instruments which can have a major impact on businesses. Only this year, around 4 billion USD worth of retail sales are projected to be impacted by beacons alone. This number is expected to only grow 10 times by the coming year. All of these devices come with low energy Bluetooth compatible antennas which send out and receive packets of data. Find out 4 ways you can use them in your business.

  1. Use them to get customer insights

You can use beacons to get insights into customer behavior and habits. For instance, these can help you to know how long consumers generally spend time in your store, the amount of time they spend on specific products etc. You can use the information for retargeting. When you know that your consumers spend a lot of time in your store as opposed to some other store and focus more on specific products, you can retarget them across your business app or any particular ad network.

  1. Use them to understand preferred product groupings

You may also use beacons to understand the preferred product groupings of your customers, their interests and shopping habits, what they typically do in your shop and the type of shopping patterns that they have. You can use these details to create a business strategy and incorporate them into your own business for decision making in the future.

  1. Use them to help customers

Customer support is also easier with Bluetooth low energy beacons. You can use them at opportune moments to ask whether they need some help, would like to place an order on your store, like to have a personal shopper sent off to their location or an updated priority boarding to be able to avoid the queue.

  1. Deliver up-sells and cross sells

Beacons can also be used for delivering up-sells and cross sells within the app. Once you use customer shopping behavior and activities, you have to ensure that the information is properly segmented so that customers are offered information and coupons on items that they have a real interest in. You can use them for developing segmentation in the business server database or purchase a mobile marketing platform which allows real time segmentation on the basis of transactions, customer behavior and interests and prior purchases.