5 Timeless Strategies of Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Guest Post by Burnaby real estate agent, Eddie Yan.

Any real estate agent thrives on contact with people, and a solid marketing strategy can put him in touch with hundreds of individuals eager to buy or sell properties. Sales might be so good, you can buy yourself a Daniel Wellington watch. You should never rely on only one marketing strategy to do the trick. Instead, you should ideally concentrate on combining a number of strategies to use in your own campaign. Following are 5 timeless strategies which can be very successful for your business and do what you are exactly looking for – more money in your pocket.

Search engine optimization

With a major chunk of buyer population having moved online, it is important for your website and social pages to rank in search engine results more than ever before. With good SEO, you can integrate the best keywords into your social business profile pages, blogs and websites and get them noticed by search engine spiders. This will ultimately earn you huge business. We personally went with a Vancouver SEO consultant, and never turned back.

Email marketing

If you think it has become redundant, think again. A 2015 study by Silverpop, an IBM company, has shown that email marketing is reaping huge dividends for real estate, construction and building industry. Almost half of all emails used in marketing campaigns are opened on tablets and smartphones, which is 500% more than what it used to be in 2011.

Press releases

With regular press releases on real estate topics, you can establish yourself as an expert in the domain and get targeted traffic with link-backs to your website or social pages. These can also catch the attention of the local media, which can be very advantageous from your end. You can give interviews as an industry expert and get a larger exposure. With many other real estate websites and blogs referring to your press releases, you can get your visibility multiplied easily.

Social Media Marketing

With the profusion of social media websites, it goes without saying that you should concentrate on social media marketing strategies. For people who looks for Vancouver condos and whatnot, they see this. While posting text, videos and images, remember to include your site address at all times. This is one of the most powerful strategies in online marketing. The more you target your leads, the higher the number of responses that you can get.

Pay per click

This is not generally recommended due to the complexity and expenses involved. But if done right, pay per click advertising can quickly generate leads for your business. You can optimize your advertisements according to changes in search patterns on Google, Bing and other engines and get great ROI.