A necessary tool for exams

So, here I am, it is the end of a brand new semester, and I seem to be in the Same Old Situation, of crunching numbers to figure out the bare minimum that I have to put in to get the grade that I need in a couple of my courses. So, I’m basically looking for a very good final exam calculator, something that will tell me exactly what kind of grade I need to achieve, and tell me how to get that but even a certain grade on my final exam, so that I can get the grade that I need in my course. Sounds simple enough, right? However, it’s not that easy, and when I try to Crunch the numbers myself I just end up with a massive headache. Needless to say, I’m not a math major, I’m an English major, and I don’t believe that it is very sensible for me to be doing these kind of calculations by myself, because mathematics has never been my strong suit, so it ends up being like, maybe even if I do do the calculations correctly, I won’t even be trusting the fact that I did them correctly, and I’ll still be doubting myself a little bit so, it’s better if I go to website to do it for me, so I’m looking for the best one, I have heard that the one called final grade percentage calculator might be the very best one, as they seem to align with a lot of the things that I’m looking for. This is very basic WordPress site but everything seems pretty simple. You know, because teachers make this so complicated by not having uniform way of testing, the sort of sight is necessary.