Excellent scooter experience

Driving one of the scooters made by UNU is an excellent experience. The drive is completely electric. This means that not even a little bit of pollution and turns your city, your lungs, or the world global environment. This is very important, too many of us, and it is to UNU as well. The engine is actually integrated in the back wheel, it’s a very simple contraption that requires very little maintenance and is easy to understand. This electric engine is significantly cleaner than any gas engine, and it works like a charm. Very smoothly and very effectively, and mostly very simply. This thing drives about 45 km/h, which is perfect for City driving. No, it’s not perfect outside of the city, but this particular electric scooter is definitely an ideal city vehicle. One of the coolest things about UNU is that you choose how you want your scooter, and then they make it for you. Rather than buying it off, and having it modified, you say which colors you want which design you want, and which engine you want. The engines all max out around 45 kilometers an hour, however you can choose an engine that will get to that limit of 45 with different amounts of time, effort, and acceleration. Scooter, in general, emphasizes efficiency in every way. The energy that is expended when you break is recycled by the engine, which makes this and even more efficient device, and it is made from very lightweight materials. There is very little about the scooter that doesn’t scream efficiency. Which is a wonderful thing to scream, especially in a day and age where so many issues are being caused by an over-reliance on fossil fuels.