Helping students the Amazon way

I think we can really ask the question, is Amazon Prime Canada worth it? Now, if you would have asked me even one year ago probably probably would have said no. Or just over a year ago, at least, because there was a lot going on that wasn’t satisfactory, if you were to compare its Canadian Incarnation to its American version, which offered a lot more features for not very much more money. So, this is the whole deal, because Amazon Prime actually has a lot of good features for a very small price. And I always has. The difference was that for a while, in the United States, they were getting more features for not that much more money. Basically, they had things like online streaming services, and things like that, and that did not sit well for most of Canadians, including myself to be honest. However, as I move forward into all of this, I really do realize that Amazon Prime Canada has really added to its credibility in our country by adding a lot of these features, like their online streaming. Honestly, Amazon Prime is less than $100 in Canada, and it’s even cheaper if you’re a student. You see, students get a really good deal, as they can purchase Amazon Prime for only $40 a year, even if they’re only part-time students in the University or college. You know, in Canada, I really do think that this the deal for people who are still in University or college, is a really difficult to feet. And I really appreciate any company who caters to students, because life is so difficult and expensive for us.