Important tips on Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Innovative, strategic and correctly implemented real estate marketing ideas have given agents an edge over all competitors in the business.

There are three major divisions that we’ve split major areas into. Let’s look into some of the people marketing tips in marketing for real estate agents:

  • Fundamentals:

Basic requirements for kick starting your business venture.

  • Advanced: 

It’s for agents who are already established properly and are in search of taking their marketing venture to next level.

  • Innovative: 

It’s for savvy agents who are in urgent need of breaking mold with new concepts of marketing for real estate agents. 

  1. Personal branding


Develop strong real estate agent document for your web page and hire a professional photographer who can provide effective tips on positioning. Properly define the audience your brand identity as well as marketing plans. Develop a value proportion and devise a proper schedule for regular updates.


Print some swag along with branding. Send regular request for clients to review your services. Try to attend local meetings with small scale groups and various organizations.


Ask testimonials from your past clients who have proved faithful to your business venture and helped you flourish. Create custom graphics and unique signatures.

  1. Website and blogs


Create an innovative website that will have multiple search options. Secure keyword-rich domains for your residing area. Don’t forget to add your contact details on every pages on your website. Try setting up lead captures forms for lead gen on your website.


Update your blogs on a regular interval and change the contents every time. Try to add freshness by adding humor and classy catchphrases to keep your clients hooked to your website. These guys would know how to properly teach you about investing in real estate.


Try to add original art work for your brand which will make your blog a standout among the rest. Try to setup dedicated landing webpages as a major piece of event and content.

  1. Nurturing with clients and following various leads


Try to catch up with your leads as often as possible. Send regular information to your leads informing them about your market and listings. Try and develop target customer personas in marketing for real estate agents. 


Maintain a link between emails and text messages for lead capture forms. Take help of prerecorded messages and streamline communications. Share event calendar and even apps to simplify your listings.


Send personalized gifts to clients after sale and develop a strong referral; system. Don’t forget to check in with your leads after a month or year after moving in.