Release Tension

I love Juju Supply for its ability to give the gift of peace of mind. This tranquility can be defined as the absence of tension and conflict, and a compassionate World it can also be correlated with a world that does not involve a whole lot of conflict and tension that are not warranted and temporary. It is so normal, it is so common, though it should be abnormal, that these conflicts, tensions, and problems and up having a very Insidious effect on our day-to-day life, for years and years and years. For some, this plagues the majority of their existence. You have to believe that by being compassionate to others, you are making a huge difference, and you are also bringing more compassion towards yourself. Not only will others be compassionate towards you, but if you can’t begin to be compassionate to yourself, it will be much happier to be compassionate to others. And without the compassion and sharing of that, any type of recovery or healing that we try to undergo will be in complete. Until we learn to love ourselves and be gentle with ourselves, we will not be able to fully grow back into what we are supposed to be, in a spiritual or physical, or emotional sense. And that is just the nature of how these things work, and it has been proven time and time again. The last thing is protection. When people are vulnerable, the most valuable thing that you can give them is protection.