Stock photo sites that are useful for you

I use one company for both of my main Photography sources. My favorite stock photography company has recently built an app that, basically, allows them to Branch out into the world of cellphone photography by supplying people with unique filters that are different than the ones that they may already have on their publishing platforms and within their devices. Yes, there are all sorts of progressive companies, all you have to do is look around, and follow people like me who are going to direct you to the right type of Photography sources. In many ways, I’m doing this as a labor of love, but I’m also doing this because I would be taking note of this kind of information for myself anyways, so I figure, why not help out others at the same time? It doesn’t really take any extra time or effort, and I can share all of the great finding that I stumble upon. Yes, I’m not competitive in the way that I want to keep my secrets about what works for me, I believe in karma, and I believe that by sharing the things that have worked very well for me, I create a system of community within my people, and that they will eventually reciprocate with something that I need. I may be naive to believe in such a thing, but I certainly do believe in it, and, so far, I have faced no negative repercussions for holding that belief, and I am going to continue to act and behave as if I will never face negative repercussions for having that belief, and even if I do face negative repercussions for holding this type of altruistic belief about all of my community and my people, I still won’t regret sharing or having been generous about the knowledge I’ve gained in information that I have decided to spread throughout my network.