The Problem with Shopping


I am a self confessed shopaholic. I love shopping up to its roots and of course, I inherited it from my sister and my mother who are also shopaholics. I love going to the mall, checking out new stuff and even just window shopping so I can have an idea what to buy for my next paycheck. However these days, I am having a hard time shopping in the mall because it is too crowded. I have this awkward feeling of being near many people and so I am now relying in online shopping. And I must say I am not regretting it to the bits! imagine, I do not need to go the mall and fall in long lines? All I need is to have my credit card and just purchase and go to the checkout of a website selling everything I need. Actually, when I started online shopping, I found the best things in the world—I found the best wooden watches Zegarki styles , the best coat, the best tumbler, and the best gym membership I never had. I also love that they deliver so abruptly and that all I need is to just wait and wait for the package to arrive at my door step.