Wanted: Developer

I want to get some software developed for me. As you know, my business is very very small, and I don’t have any full-time staff for it needs. Many people of criticize me for this decision, but I really don’t think it’s necessary. You see, when I need to software, or any sort of computer programming or engineering, I tap into the vast Outsourcing Market that exist within the country and internationally. Obviously, there are a lot of benefits that come with working with a domestic Outsource better. The time zone is more or less the same comma maximum two or three hours difference, and the language spoke is also the same. I think that is basically Priceless, except it’s not Priceless…. There is a price on working with domestic vendors. You’re not necessarily for the convenience, you’re paying because they exist within the same economy where the dollar is worth the same amount. Where is, if you are going to do offshore software development Outsourcing, rate of pay is going to be much cheaper. That’s because they’re dollar, and most of these countries, is significantly lower than ours. Which means that we can pay what we would pay for a mediocre American, we will get an absolutely, undoubtedly more skilled worker in a country like India or China. Now, as I mentioned, there are some inconveniences including time zone and language when you decide to do offshore Outsourcing, which have been enough to have me choosing domestic software development outsourcing options more often than not. I have a few good ones in mind, and I know that I’ll always choose one of the ones that is work for me in the past, but that goes for offshore as well as domestic. There are just some job that are easier done and worth paying the extra cost for.