Women Who Love Watches


Women loves watches. Number one reason is that it does not only help you track time. It is also a piece of accessory that you can wear anytime, anywhere. Bracelet are just there to decorate your hand or make you more stylish. But with watches, you not only have sometime to adorn your hands but it also has a purpose. Personally, I love wearing leather and wood watches. I also wear watches for different purpose. I have one for mountaineering, for swimming (those waterproof ones), for city tours, when travelling, and when attending a meeting. They have their own purpose but all in all, they make you more stylish. Right now, I am digging wood watches by Plant wear. I have more than two of them simply because they look irresistible and really nice for all my wardrobe. It became one of my go-to watches whenever I will go out. It fit almost all of my activities—meeting with my bosses, client presentations, coffee date with my boyfriend, or just having a movie marathon with my girlfriend. I also wore this during our family gathering and my mother and sister were both stunned with how my wood watch looks and work. I recommended them to buy some.